Course Design Standards

The IPGAA adopts the standards set by the Japan Park Golf Association.

  • How much area is needed
    1. A minimum of 3 acres for 18 holes is desirable
    2. Although there is no specific upper limit, 5 acres of flat, open land is sufficient
  • Course Layout and development
    1. Course is laid out in units of 9 holes, if 18 holes are in the same location, holes should be displayed as A 1-9 and B 1-9
    2. Standard par for 9 holes is 33 (66 for 18) and should be divided into par 3, 4, and 5
    3. Maximum distance of one hole is 100 meters (109 yds)
    4. Distance of 9 holes must not exceed 500 meters (546 yds)
    5. Layouts the include dog legs, parallel holes in the same direction, or intersecting holes is unacceptable. Safety and flow of play are to always be inconsideration.
    6. Tee Ground should be about 5 ft by 5 ft. with a height not to exceed 30 cm (11 inches from the ground. In addition, the tee mark should be set or drawn a minimum of 40 cm (16 inches) from the end of the tee ground.
    7. Greens: Shape is up to the designer, but when considered as a circle, the diameter preferred is 5 meters (16 feet) or more.
    8. Bunkers: As with all design, take into consider all aspects of the hole; distance, location, shape, green… There is not limit to the size or number of bunkers.
    9. Fairways and Ruff: They may be divided, but the grass height of the ruff must be trimmed to allow the ball to ‘escape’.
    10. Overall design: There may be some measure to increase difficult of the course, but care should be taken not to deter participation. Park Golf is intended for a minimum of 3 generations to be able to enjoy together.
    11. OB (out of bounds): Setting OB lines and OB zones should be clearly visible. Pylons or stakes should be about 40 cm (16 inches) above the ground
      • OB Lines are marked with white pylons / stakes
      • OB Zones are marked with upper part painted blue
    12. Cups: Hole cups must be sunk 10 mm (1/2 inch) below the ground surface
    13. Pin: Pin should be between 2 – 2.5 meters (6.5 ft – 8 ft)
    14. Course Equipment: Hole cups, pins, flags should be meet standard equipment requirements of then NPGA
    15. Hole distinction: Each hole should have a Tee sign (course diagram with OB explanation is helpful, but not necessary)
  • Points to remember:
    1. It is recommended that the long holes are placed approximately 3 holes from the start to facilitate play progression, especially when considering large groups.
    2. Tee ground can be of any construction. Some easy considerations are: Wooden frame filled with sand (or soil) and a large rubber mat with artificial turf laid on top.
    3. OBs are set up in order to clarify the boundaries of the course and ensure the safety of players. Layouts that hinder the enjoyment and progress of play should be avoided and the scenery of the course should be considered.
  • Safety Measures and Indications within the course

The following measures shall be taken to prevent accidents on the course and ensure the safely of players.

  1. Clubs, balls, tees, etc used on the course are to be Park Golf Equipment certified by the NPGA. The course shall indicate that it conforms with this park golf standard.
  2. If an individual is found using equipment not meeting this standard, play should be stopped immediately, with instruction given to use official equipment.