Member Guidance

Member Type:

  • Course Member
    • Municipalities, private companies, or individuals who own or manage Park Golf courses
  • Supporting Member
    • A corporation or individual who supports the association’s purpose and business

Member Benefits:

  • Provide up to date information on Park Golf nationally and globally
  • Various consulting services: Member activity, Organization management, course creation

How to Join:

Please contact the IPGAA directly through the Contact Us at this time.  Applications will be uploaded when available.


Guidance to official course certification:

Applications and further details will be uploaded when available.

  • Only course members to IPGAA will be considered for certification.
  • Courses must meet all the requirements of the Course Design Standards
  • Courses must commit to following the Rules of Park Golf as established through the NPGA
  • Submission will include:
    • Certification Application
    • Course layout design drawings
    • Pictures of each hole
    • Score Card
  • Certification fee will cover application, examination, screening.