International Park Golf Association of America (IPGAA) is a national not-for-profit corporation that unifies Park Golf in the United States of America. Established in New York State (501(c)(3) #471659558) to engage in all aspects of Park Golf, the IPGAA adheres to the standards and specifications established by the Japan Park Golf Association (NPGA). We are governed by a volunteer board of directors. IPGAA is the United States Representative to International Park Golf Federation; Park Golf’s global entity.

The Japan Park Golf Association is a national organization that unifies the entirety of Park Golf. As such, the NPGA not only promotes Park Golf, but also the mental, physical, and wellness development in people while encouraging a lifelong participation in sports. Since the development of Park Golf, there have been strict standards set to ensure safety and fairplay for all. Everything from course design and layout to all aspects of equipment design and certification, are governed and approved through the NPGA for the purpose of safety, fairness, and uniformity that enables reliability and consistency of each park golf experience by every player. The NPGA (or IPGA) logo appears on all authorized equipment for the game of Park Golf.


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